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Employer branding

The new book by Bryan Adams & Charlotte Marshall

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"This is the book employer branding has been waiting for. This is how it's done."

Michael Cohn
Partner, GSV Ventures
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The Book

Repel the many and compel the few, with impact, purpose and belonging.

The way we treat each other just became the most valuable currency in the world. Layoffs, economic uncertainty, and a global sense of fear dominate headlines. Many organizations have cut back. And while these businesses may be acting out of necessity, they should bear in mind that survival means something different today than it did before COVID-19. The way organizations treat people today will define reputations and guarantee viability in a way that a balance sheet never could.

Employer brand just became the new corporate brand.

What actions can you take today to set yourself up to win? Give & Get Employer branding provides tangible steps to help you re-recruit the talent you have and set you up to win more than your share of top talent in the future.

The Book
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About the Authors

Bryan and Charlotte want to change the way the world approaches employer branding to attract, engage, and retain top talent.

Collectively, they’ve activated countless employer brand campaigns — and they’re here to guide you away from the rabbit hole of old employer-brand ideas, and toward bold, new and exciting thinking.

The Authors

Meet the defenders of happiness

Ph.Creative are an employer brand agency. Dedicated to better candidate experience, we bring clarity, focus, and diversity to our clients’ talent attraction activities, ensuring they discover the best people for their businesses, worldwide.

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